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Runtime: 60min | Rating: 7.2/10 | Year: 2016
Storyline: Four teams of four regular Americans being lead by four military veterans compete in obstacles to see who has what it takes to have American Grit.

Season 1

Episode 1: Ruck Up
Episode 2: Ice Cubed
Episode 3: Moving Camp
Episode 4: Charlie Foxtrot
Episode 5: Double Time
Episode 6: Squat Till You Drop
Episode 7: Dawn Patrol
Episode 8: Barricade the Bunker
Episode 9: Tired Out
Episode 10: Over the Falls

Season 2

Episode 1: Find Your Grit
Episode 2: Cena Does the Dishes
Episode 3: Liar Liar
Episode 4: S02E04
Episode 5: Camp Love
Episode 6: Selfish vs. Selfless

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