Watch Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot (1999) Online Free

Runtime: 30min | Rating: 7.6/10 | Year: 1999
Director: Nathan Chew
Storyline: When under attack by evil aliens or an insane robot cult only Big Guy and Rusty can save America!

Season 1

Episode 1: Creatures, Great and Small
Episode 2: Out of Whack
Episode 3: The Inside Scoop
Episode 4: Birthday Bash
Episode 5: The Reluctant Assassin
Episode 6: Really Big Guy

Season 2

Episode 1: Little Boy Robot Lost
Episode 2: The Bicameral Mind
Episode 3: The Inside Out
Episode 4: Moon Madness
Episode 5: Wages of Fire
Episode 6: The Big Boy
Episode 7: World of Pain
Episode 8: Sibling Mine
Episode 9: Blob, Thy Name Is Envy
Episode 10: Donovan's Brainiac
Episode 11: Patriot Games
Episode 12: Harddrive
Episode 13: The Five Thousand Fingers of Rusty
Episode 14: The Champ
Episode 15: Sickout
Episode 16: Nephew of Neugog
Episode 17: The Lower Depths
Episode 18: Double Time: Part 1
Episode 19: Double TIme: Part 2
Episode 20: Rumble in the Jungle

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