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Next Episode (S01E16) Airs: 19-Nov-2017
Runtime: 21min | Rating: 8/10 | Year: 2017
Storyline: Set between Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Tangled" and its short film "Tangled Ever After," this animated adventure/comedy series unfolds as Rapunzel acquaints herself with her parents, her kingdom and the people of Corona.

Season 1

Episode 1: Tangled: Before Ever After
Episode 2: What the Hair?!
Episode 3: Rapunzel's Enemy
Episode 4: Fitzherbert P.I.
Episode 5: Challenge of the Brave
Episode 6: Cassandra v. Eugene
Episode 7: The Return of Strongbow
Episode 8: In Like Flynn
Episode 9: Great Expotations
Episode 10: Under Raps
Episode 11: One Angry Princess
Episode 12: Pascal's Story
Episode 13: Big Brothers of Corona
Episode 14: S01E14
Episode 15: S01E15

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